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We offer fully comprehensive courses, both in person and online, for Managers, HR Practitioners, Supervisors and Team Leaders, run by highly skilled and qualified coaches.


Aimed at managers and at coaches who wish to become credentialed by COMENSA, this learning programme covers all the basic requirements of coaching.

Coaching Skills for HR Practitioners
* SABPP registered

To assist you to identify and resolve performance barriers in the workplace. HR practitioners need to be conscious of the need to identify and resolve performance barriers.


This 2-day course is aimed at managers, supervisors, team leaders and HR Practitioners responsible for performance management in the workplace.


Are you thinking of introducing a mentorship programme into your organisation or are you looking for mentorship training for your managers? Look no further!

Progressive Coaching

We aim to empower through:

Effective conflict management

Coaching in the handling of discipline and grievance handling

Coaching in union relationship issues

Creating trust and positive employee relations

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