Professional Coaching Packages

Companies spend large amounts on training annually, yet much of this money is wasted. Why? Because learners do not apply what they have learned!

There can be any number of reasons for this, including lack of management support and follow-up. If there is no transfer of knowledge and skills, the money

spent on training will be wasted. 


Employing a professional coach is one solution that can pay dividends. We offer two coaching package options: a four-session package and a six-session package. You may also choose from a selection of coaches in our team.


The coach will meet with the manager or supervisor at regular intervals for coaching sessions which could be anything from 40 minutes to an hour long, over a set period of time (e.g. over six months). This can be done face-to-face or via Zoom, MS Teams, Skype or another electronic medium.

Coaching Skills for Managers Learning Programme (Training on-line or in-person) A fundamental leadership skill for every manager

This series of three two-day training courses with workplace assignments blends coaching techniques and principles followed by professional coaches with

practical examples and situations from South African workplaces. The training is highly interactive and entertaining while at the same time being very practical. Learners will come away with materials and templates as well as knowledge and skills they can use in the workplace. Assessments, workplace assignments and practical coaching exercises are built into the course so at the end of the training, learners will have a part qualification and CPD points enabling the employer to claim BBB – EE points.


The knowledge and skills gained will empower managers to coach their supervisors to:

· Identify and address performance barriers in the workplace.

· Manage absenteeism and sick leave abuse.

· Manage under-performers.

· More importantly, leverage even better performance from high flyers.

· Deal with minor misconduct firmly and constructively.

· Resolve conflict in the workplace.

· Provide career guidance and develop solid relationships with employees.

· Create productive engaged work teams.

Coaching Skills for Managers Workshops: (Training on-line or in- person)

The aim of these workshops is to give managers an introduction to the fundamentals of coaching.


If you are looking for a shorter less-expensive option, these three 1-day workshops cover similar subject matter as the training programme above but do not include assessments and are not accredited.

Coaching Skills for HR Practitioners: E-Learning Course

Developed by Bruno Bruniquel, Coaching Skills for HR Practitioners is a new, seven module e-learning training programme specifically aimed at HR Practitioners and is accredited by the SA Board for Personnel Practice (SABPP).


The programme aims to provide HR Practitioners with the necessary knowledge and skills to turn problems into opportunities. The course blends coaching techniques and principles used by professional coaches with practical examples and situations HR people face every day in the workplace.

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